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Accounting and Tax Support Services

Motohashi Consulting, Tax & Accounting conducts bookkeeping, payroll and tax filing advisory services so that management can focus on managerial issues.

Tax Return Preparation Service

We prepare tax returns for corporate income tax, consumption tax and local tax. We can also prepare tax returns for individual income tax of the sole proprietors, and transfer tax and inheritance tax of business owners.

Financial Statement Support Service

We support preparing monthly and annual financial statements. At your request, we further provide financial analysis based on the financial statements.

Payroll Service

We prepare monthly payroll, compute social insurance, pay statements, year-end adjustments, annual payroll records, payment records, aggregate statutory records. We also prepare various submission papers of social and labor insurance.

Support for Incorporation/Conversion to Corporate Entities

We support sole proprietors to convert the business to corporate entities through referral of judicial scriveners and registration to tax authorities.