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School Management Support Service

We support overall management of schools by formulating management strategy, bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, supporting the operation of the board of trustees, introducing performance evaluation system and other means.

Formulation of Management Strategy

At Motohashi Consulting, Tax & Accounting, we analyze business environment and assist formulating management strategy and medium term plan, including preparation of financial budget documents for the plan.


We support your daily bookkeeping operations. We are fully prepared for the individually determined method of consumption tax recording .

Preparation of Financial Reports

We support your preparation of financial reports backed with complete audit trail.

Supporting the Board of Trustees

We support you in both form and substance at your request. As to the form, we support you in preparing minutes of the board meetings. As to the substance, we support the operation of the board meetings, with focus on the increasing needs for expressed accountability of the management under more rigorous business environment of today.

Performance Evaluation System

Management may never achieve its desired strategy without utilizing the right human capital for the purpose. We support to create performance evaluation system so that those human resources are motivated in alignment with the strategic goals.

Converting to School Corporation

We provide support for converting the structure of nursery school from sole proprietorship to school corporation.